Navigating Tungsten Electrode Selection and Preparation for Improved Welding

Pure Tungsten (Green Tip):  Classified under AWS as EWP, this type contains at least 99.5% tungsten for optimal AC welding results in aluminum and magnesium welding applications. With lower voltage settings compared with its competitors and long-term stability under AC welding settings, Pure Tungsten is an ideal choice when handling aluminum and magnesium welding applications.

Thoriated Tungsten (Red Tip):  Widely recognized for its durability and user friendliness, Thoriated Tungsten features thorium to improve AC and DC welding capabilities—ideal for thin gauge aluminum welding applications as well as carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel and titanium materials.

Ceriated Tungsten (Gray Tip): Electrodes are perfect for low-current DC welding operations that involve intricate tasks like orbital tube and pipe fabrication or sheet metal work, which require pinpoint precision. Plus, their Gray Tip technology increases visibility during welds.

2% Lanthanated Tungsten (Blue Tip): This versatile electrode type is widely praised for its superior arc initiation and low wear rate; typically replacing thoriated and ceriated electrodes in welding tasks.

Zirconiated Tungsten (Brown Tip): Ideal for AC welding environments where contamination resistance is key, this tip specializes in AC welding environments where contamination resistance is of utmost importance.

Tri-Mix Tungsten (Turquoise Tip): Tri-Mix Tungsten is a nonradioactive alternative that combines three rare-earth oxides for improved performance and electrode longevity.


Geometry and Prep of Tungsten Electrodes:

Understanding the specifics of electrode diameter, tip configuration & perpetration methods are integral for achieving successful welding results:

Electrode Diameter and Tip Configuration: Your choice of diameter and tip shape (balled, pointed or truncated) has an immediate effect on arc stability and penetration depth. While smaller diameters allow easier arc initiation but may wear out faster; larger ones support higher amperage loads and extend life span more significantly.

Prep Methods: Proper grinding of tungsten electrodes is vital. A dedicated diamond grinding wheel should be utilized longitudinally in order to produce an even and stable arc that maintains structural integrity while protecting from contamination that could lead to welding defects.

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